Ours has been an interesting journey. We launched this website and in early March and as of April 5th we have 401 members representing 216 different manufacturers. 

The purpose of was simple. Manufacturers needed a voice. A voice for manufacturers provided by manufacturers. Our goal is to communicate with manufacturers about matters of importance to manufacturers.

There are approximately 4,400 (3,650 with more that 10 full time employees) manufacturers in Maryland with a total workforce of roughly 118,000 people. Our workforce is the highest skilled in the nation and more than 60% of our manufacturers define themselves as advanced manufacturers. 

We often hear about the decline in manufacturing jobs in Maryland but what you don't often hear is the increased productivity per worker. Maryland filled with advanced manufacturers that use technology as a competitive weapon.

In 2015 for the first time in eight years the number of manufacturing workers increased in Maryland over the prior year. This is largely due increased use of technology, increased capacity and increased exports.  

Maryland is a great place for an advanced manufacturing company whose workforce is predominantly semi-skilled and skilled.

If you are a manufacturer, fulfillment house or distributor in Maryland we encourage you to join us. 

Rich Coursey, Chairman