Manufacturers often do not take advantage of the R&D tax credits leaving tens of thousands of dollars on the table. Things like setting up machines, tooling, NRE, proving jobs and much more. Almost any manufacturing activity does at risk and prior to an actual order being received. This can be huge.

Monday August 15th the City Council will guide Baltimore for decades ahead, through its action on the $15 minimum wage bill now under consideration. This vote will also set the tone for how Baltimore is perceived on local, national, and international level for decades.

In the early afternoon of Saturday August 6th our country lost a great leader and a great person. There have been and will be many articles written about Mrs. Bentley, her accomplishments and the impact she has had on our history, the port and the people. Articles that chronicle her political and professional life. I would like to share a few thoughts about the Helen Delich Bentley you may not know.