The COOP is growing nicely. Business is flowing to and from several members of the COOP. In July members of the COOP attended the Farnborough International Airshow in England. Together we presented the COOP

and its members to multiple prime aerospace manufacturers. The response was overwhelmingly positive. While at Farnborough we met with very well organized similar group of manufacturers from Ireland (formed about 2 weeks after ours). They refer to themselves as an aerospace cluster. We have opened a dialogue with this group to identify synergies and opportunities for collaboration.

COOP team members will be glad to know that Maryland Thermoform's Tammy Sagastume carried sample products from DWE Plastics and Control Cable along with their own. All products were displayed and leads collected for all COOP members. 

The cluster from Ireland combined their resources and had a booth similar in size to the State of Maryland giving rise to an idea that our COOP should consider something similar in the industries of interest you our members. Perhaps at the 2018 Farnborough event, members interested in aerospace should combine resources for a larger presence. Maybe even locate side by side with our new friends from Ireland.