The center of Maryland is the most densely populated with manufacturing companies. There are approximately 474 manufacturing companies within the boundaries of Baltimore City alone. Scott Macdonald (partner) with Maryland Thermoform in Baltimore City, leads the efforts for the Center of the State. A separate "sister" organization is being formed under the leadership of Macdonald. 

Legislative Update from Scott Macdonald

Friday March 25th we ( received notice from Senator Roger Manno’s (D Montgomery County) office that both Manufacturing Empowerment Zone Bills have died in committee. 

You may recall that SB181 and SB386 (detailed on the legislative page) offered zero corporate income taxes and zero personal income tax for ten years to manufacturing companies that relocated to Maryland. The bills also included a ten years of zero corporate taxes for those same companies. This created unfair competition for manufacturers new to Maryland.

Once they became aware of the proposed legislation The leadership team at and countless members from all corners of Maryland contacted their legislators and vocalized opposition. Some traveled to Annapolis to testify in opposition in committee meetings and then followed up with meetings and multiple conversations with Senator Manno regarding SB181. Many attempts were made to meet with the Governors Legislative team and offer amendments for SB386. We were more than surprised and upset that our attempts were ignored. leaders quickly learned that Senator Manno is a strong supporter of the manufacturing industry statewide and that he has both passion and interest in bringing meaningful legislation forward that will benefit both new and existing manufacturers in Maryland. Senator Manno has already asked to engage with manufacturers around the State before the next session to offer legislation that will move the needle for the manufacturing industry in Maryland.

The legislative process is more than a quagmire to navigate. The membership at joined forces and mobilized illuminating an abundance of unintended consequences and ultimately this resulted in the termination of both bills. It was a terrific statewide industry effort.  It was also a surprise to those who crafted these bills that the manufacturing community did not sit still after years of abuse and neglect.

The real value is that it became abundantly clear to everyone in Maryland that manufacturers speak for themselves.  We learned that entities and people who claim they represent did not take care of the Maryland manufacturer in Annapolis. What many of us learned was we must and can speak for ourselves.

As the only statewide organization focused on manufacturers, and our members should keep a watchful eye on legislation with the potential to have a negative impact on manufacturers and we should collectively prepare ideas for the next legislative session. In that way, manufacturers from all areas will have input and influence in Annapolis. 

Please join to protect ourselves, our manufacturing employees, and manufacturing neighbors. Remember we are bi-partisan and support anyone who supports manufacturing.