We apologize for the delay posting this update. We were waiting for the official minutes to be published by Maryland Commerce. compiled a list of legislative ideas supportive of small and medium size manufacturers

in Maryland. Those ideas have been presented to both Maryland Commerce and Senator Roger Manno (D Montgomery County).

Six weeks ago on June 22nd met with MD Commerce. Maryland Commerce requested that Rich Coursey ( Chairman, Partial Owner of NRL & Associates) represent Maryland manufacturers. In addition to Rich, RMI of Maryland, MD MEP, the Maryland World Class Consortia and Gene Burner (a registered lobbyist) were also invited and participated. As of July 31st Maryland Commerce has not released official minutes from the meeting and we apologize for the lack of available information. We have no idea which (if any ideas) were accepted, rejected or ignored. 

Each meeting participant was asked to present legislative ideas to the meeting for MD Commerce to potentially submit to the Governor for his consideration and potentially as part of the Governors legislative agenda for the upcoming session. 

To be clear. Maryland Commerce does not submit legislation. Maryland Commerce submits ideas and details for consideration by the Governors Legislative Office. Ideas of interest to the Governor and his staff may be submitted by the Governor during the next legislative session.

There has been no indication (positive or negative) from MD Commerce which if any ideas presented at the meeting June 22nd will be submitted to the Governor for consideration.

Note that some of those invited to the MD Commerce discussion were responsible for crafting SB0181 and SB0386 and some vocalized strong support for those bills during the last session.