SB 386 text from Annapolis

2/23/16 1:00PM Ways and Means Committee

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Time Stamps:

0:01:20 Bill introduction

0:03:33 Secretary Mike Gill offers enthusiastic and full support for SB 386

0:07:55 Delegate Kaiser expresses concern for existing manufacturers

0:11:15 Delegate Walker clarifies that the bill offers 2 zones per jurisdiction per year. That equates to 2 zones per county per year and the same for Baltimore City.

0:15:18 RMI mentioned by Delegate Leudtke

2/24/16 1:00PM Budget and Taxation Committee Hearing
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Time Stamps:
1:31:20 Bill introduction
1:33:12 Support offered by Ben Wu – MD Dept. of Commerce urges a favorable consideration for SB 386.
1:38:00 Support offered by Queen Annes County Economic Development Director
1:41:48 Opposition offered by Scott Macdonald (Maryland Thermoform) and Carl Livesay (Land Sea Air Manufacturing)
1:53:12 Information offered by Mike Galiazzo (RMI)