UPDATE - received word that both SB0181 and SB0386 have died in committee thanks largely to the overwhelming support and action by Maryland manufacturers directly.

Dozens of Maryland manufacturers from all corners of the State contacted their legislators and opposed these harmful bills. This effort was underscored by leadership team members Rich Coursey and Scott Macdonald meeting and communicating multiple times with those responsible for authoring these bills. 


In the 2016 legislative session there have been two bills submitted that could have a catastrophic affect on existing manufacturers. These bills allow the Maryland Secretary of Commerce Mike Gill to create up to 2 Manufacturing Empowerment Zones in each of the 24 jurisdictions in Maryland. A Maryland jurisdiction is a county or Baltimore City. In these “zones” manufacturers new to Maryland pay no corporate taxes and no income taxes for ten years. Their employees also pay no income tax for 10 years.

During the hearings in Annapolis, not a single manufacturer testified (written or orally) in support of these bills. Support was offered from the Governor’s Office and the Maryland Department of Commerce. Ironically, our research can not find a single manufacturer in support of these bills. Even the fiscal note prepared by the State of Maryland indicates in multiple areas that these bills have a significant fiscal note and potentially will harm the local jurisdictions financially.

It is important to note that 43 of 46 sitting Senators are in support of these bills. We urge you to watch the testimony, read the bills and contact your Senator and Delegate to vocalize your opinion. Your contact with your legislators will make a difference.