LEGISLATIVE UPDATE March 18, 2016: Earlier this week, MDMFG Board Chairman Rich Coursey (NRL Associates) and MDMFG Central Board Member Scott Macdonald (Maryland Thermoform) met with Senator Roger Manno (D Montgomery County)

to discuss SB 181 and SB 386. The meeting spanned several hours and the conversation was brisk. The one thing that rang true in the meeting was that everyone in the room was passionate about helping the manufacturing industry. Both bills as currently presented are harmful to many Maryland manufacturers as detailed here below. We respect and appreciate Senator Manno for requesting the assistance of manufacturers from around the State in crafting a bill that both enhances the business climate for existing manufacturers and that attracts manufacturing businesses to Maryland.

While there have been suggestions made by others relative to these bills it became abundantly clear that much work is needed. The leadership at MDMFG has been asked to make recommendations for SB 181 to support current and future manufacturing. If you have ideas, suggestions or concerns regarding this bill please make your voice heard to Rich, Scott or to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (and we will pass it along). Do not wait. There is discussion about a pilot program on the Eastern Shore (Summerset, Worcester and Wicomico) and Western Maryland (Frederick and points West). This pilot could and is highly likely to affect your business. Contact your Maryland Senator immediately so they fully understand the potential for harm to your to your workforce and to your business!

SB 386 put forth by the Governor has not yielded any progress relative to modification. MDMFG.ORG and other manufacturers have made multiple attempts to meet with the Governors team to discuss the ramifications and harm to several Maryland manufacturers. To date, the Governor’s office has not accepted our request to meet with Maryland manufacturers on this bill which will threaten your very existence as a Maryland manufacturer. This is especially disconcerting given the Governor’s frequent sound bites of support for Maryland manufacturers and the support the manufacturing industry gave the Governor during the election process. Earlier this week the Governor requested that businesses lobby their legislators and we agree fully. Lobby your legislator and request they stop SB 386 before it closes your manufacturing facility. Lobby the Governor’s Office to tell them how SB 386 creates an unfair advantage for manufacturers new to Maryland with your tax dollars.

For details of these legislative bills and to view the video recordings of testimony visit the legislative page here at