NRL005.jpg members are working together to keep legislative relief for manufacturers in front of Maryland Commerce. The combined Voice of Manufacturing is growing louder and both the Administration and many of our Legislators are now including you, the manufacturers in conversation as opposed to listening to those who self-claim to speak for manufacturers. Manufacturers are speaking for themselves. Your voice is making a difference.

As we learned in the last few years, it is extremely important that you contact your legislators to let them know the ramifications of their actions to your manufacturing business. Your voice as a manufacturer will make a difference. 

Send us your feedback. Let us know if you are in support or opposition and will post your comments. Our goals as an organization is to give manufacturers a voice. We promise to publish both sides to any issue covered provided the position is presented by a manufacturer.

PWQ - Partnership for Workforce Quality

This is not a Bill but we are told PWQ is being funded in 2020 to $1,000,000. This is matching training money. It is not clear who will administer the funds for 2020. In 2019 the MWCC administered some of the grant assuring manufacturers were well supported.